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Reinventing Coworking

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What happens when you embark on a mission to imagine a coworking space with an economic incentive to improve the mental, physical, and social health of individual remote workers?

Today’s coworking spaces are designed for the growing organization, with economic incentive to move people from the hot desk to the one-person office, and then on up the line. Turning that incentive on its head reveals that there is little incentive to keep their members at the hot desk. These individual spaces are designed with minimal amenities.  It’s a small space with access to good internet, coffee all day, sometimes there’s beer, and usually there’s some networking events to encourage community. Those gatherings work sometimes. However, often what we see is businesses with multiple members mingling together or grabbing a snack and heading back to their office. Do the individual hot deskers make meaningful connections?Sure they do. But it is an uphill battle that takes savvy networking skills. If that’s you, the more power to you.

But what if every desk was a hot desk? What if every member of was an individual coworker?  How would we design that?   Might the workspace be larger?  Would it include a monitor or two?  Could you check out a wireless mouse or trackpad knowing that all the dongles you need are in the house?  Would you have to depart from your desk to find privacy in an extra tiny phone booth leaving all your essentials behind for that essential meeting? Or, could you bring flexible privacy to your desk???  Imagine that!

This is exactly the kind of space we are imagining at Hangar Dreys. We are reimagining the incentives for both the business model and the members and striving for alignment around mental, physical, and social health. This is just the beginning. To participate with us on our journey of bringing this vision into reality, join our newsletter and stay connected on our social media platforms.

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