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Hangar Dreys Days

Photo of the Stone Houses at Dorothea Dix Park featuring Attun, a large-scale sculpture crafted by American sculptor DeWitt Godfrey

The challenge to find a long-term home for Hangar Dreys has not been a trivial one. We started in earnest in September of 2023 with a handful of requirements. First and foremost, we want a site with good access to the Capital Area Greenway Trail System. Ideally, we want to see the greenway from the space and have it be a visible landmark to cyclists, joggers, and walkers going by. Second, we need enough space to have a place for health and wellness activities, such as yoga. We are looking for a space that can have indoor bike storage, showers, and of course, workspace. All of this is a big ask, not to mention looking for a partner that would help us make it feasible for a bootstrap startup.

Flash forward six months from September ’23 to March ’24 and still no long-term home, my wheels started spinning. After all, the core soul of Hangar Dreys is about the loneliness epidemic and combating that by enabling individual remote workers to build meaningful relationships while at work. Do we HAVE to have space for that?

Thus was born a concept for Hangar Dreys Days. Could we find a partner that would let us use their space for a day? Could we create a day in the life at Hangar Dreys, complete with a direct connection to the greenway, a place to park a bike, an opportunity to take a break and do yoga, a chance to make a new friend around a bike stand (the Hangar Dreys version of a water cooler), and maybe go on a ride or share a happy hour together???

Here’s where I got out over my skis. I started talking about the concept of Hangar Dreys Days as if it were real before seeking all the collaborations necessary to pull off such an endeavor. As a coach and mentor in the biomedical industry, I am constantly advising entrepreneurs to share their innovations before they are ready. What they will learn from sharing is invaluable feedback that feeds into their future success. With Hangar Dreys, I was practicing what I preach. However, our product is not a device in the hands of a surgeon. Our product is meaningful connections. Our building blocks are not electrical components. Our building blocks are human beings.

Luckily for me, those human beings are the kind and generous ones. The work they’ve been doing in health & wellness, parks & recreation, and in the cycling community has been work they’ve been doing for decades. So when we reached out to the Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy asking if we could host Hangar Dreys Days at the park, we didn’t just get a “Yes.” We got an emphatic, enthusiastic, “Yes!” and an offer to host at their newly renovated Stone Houses, in the same month that they were cutting the ribbon. Incredible!

When we asked Nature of the Soul if she could host a Yoga session, we didn’t just get a “Yes.” We got a, “I’ll be there and how else can I help.” Fine Bikes offered to host us at Oak City Cycling Project for a planning meeting. Oaks & Spokes asked, “What else can we do?”

I fell asleep last night with my eyes welled up. I felt like I did things all backward. I should have been planning with these good people significantly sooner. I was genuinely upset with myself. At the sametime, I was welled up with a feeling of genuine love and support. Hangar Dreys is a little baby. We haven’t even learned to crawl yet. And here, these seasoned community builders, they picked us up.

That’s what Raleigh is all about. That’s what this health & wellness, parks & recreation, and cycling community are all about.

I hope to see you at Hangar Dreys Days. When you come, please thank our community supporters. Without them, there would be no community.

At Hangar Dreys #WorkDifferent

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Andrew J. DiMeo, Sr., Ph.D.