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Coworking for Mental, Physical, and Social Fitness

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At Hangar Dreys, we are committed to rethinking the future of coworking spaces.  The process of starting with a blank slate and allowing myself to be unencumbered by convention is something that I’ve always enjoyed.  So, let’s imagine a space where the members are individual remote workers from diverse industry sectors and the goal is to build a community.

One thing that’s been an eye opening experience throughout the Covid / Work from Home / Zoom era is the peek into people’s home offices.  I’m surrounded by bikes in my home office, and the number of direct messages I get in the chat opened my eyes to the number of people that are into cycling.  How about this?  People with guitars and other instruments proudly displayed in their backgrounds.  It’s awesome.  As a college professor, I’ve had so many students in bands that are no longer in bands.  They are biomedical engineers, doctors, and product managers.  What else have you noticed in Zoom backgrounds?  Video game enthusiasts, rock climbers, avid readers?

I began to envision coworking spaces that brought these Zoom backgrounds together.  Let’s imagine, just for a second, that we were to build a coworking space for musicians and music enthusiasts.  Who would the members be?  What would the space look like?

The members might be software developers, engineers, marketing professionals, attorneys, consultants … well, they could be anything.  Music doesn’t discriminate.  So this diverse group of people all like music.  Maybe they used to be in a band.  Or maybe they are picking up a guitar for the first time in their life and just want to learn.  Maybe they simply enjoy live music and love being surrounded by the talent of people who can play instruments and sing.

OK, so what would the space look like?  Maybe it would have some soundproof rooms so members could take practice breaks throughout the day.  Maybe it would have a stage, or space, for happy hour jam sessions?  Now, in all honesty, I can’t take this thought experiment too far, because as much as I love live music and wish I could play the guitar, I’m not a musician.  But I can at least imagine the community that will be built among these diverse members.

I believe that the future of coworking spaces for location-flexible professionals will be built around common interests that bring together diverse populations.  Imagine what the space would look like for video game enthusiasts. What about a space for rock climbers?  What I do know is cycling, jogging, yoga, meditation, and strength training.  What would that space look like?

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