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  • Photo of a coworking space with two chairs and a coffee table in front of a wall with are that states, "Work the way you love."

    Seeking Advice from Location-Independent Professionals

    Help us Design Hangar Dreys Throughout my career I’ve been lucky to be involved in the design of sets for movies and TV shows in New York City, been a design engineer for a medical device company, co-founded a biomedical design firm, taught engineering design, and worked for an industrial design firm.  Lucky!  I could…

  • bicycles hanging on the wall in a home office

    Coworking for Mental, Physical, and Social Fitness

    At Hangar Dreys, we are committed to rethinking the future of coworking spaces.  The process of starting with a blank slate and allowing myself to be unencumbered by convention is something that I’ve always enjoyed.  So, let’s imagine a space where the members are individual remote workers from diverse industry sectors and the goal is…

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    Work Different

    Remote work is here to stay, yet the coworking business model isn’t built for the remote worker. We're changing that. #WorkDifferent